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A feast of music in the heart of Middlesbrough.

Just announced… CLINIC!

Clinic – singular, ambitious, revered by fellow musicians – forever sound like no-one else but themselves, because no-one else could even begin to sound like them. Since the tail end of the ’90s, they’ve beamed in other-worldly psychedelic-pop transmissions from their own parallel dimension (geographically, it’s in Liverpool, but…), each with a vibe and quality consistent with its predecessors, oblivious to passing trends.

Tours with such luminaries as Radiohead, Arcade Fire and The Flaming Lips have cemented their place as one of the coolest acts around and here at Intro HQ, well, we love them.

Clinic will be performing on The Empire stage alongside Jon Fratelli, Cloud Control, Young Rebel Set, Cattle & Cane and more to be announced.

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